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Instructions for using University of Mumbai Mail

  • This is to inform all the users of the University that we have shifted the mail services to Google Apps Services.
  • As intimated, all the users would be using the same user ID for access to the new Gmail services.
  • The umail can be accessed with your old user id and password, but you will not be in a position to use the services inbound and outbound mails, because we have discontinued the services.
  • Link to check your new Email
  • Whereas the Gmail new option, all the users will be able to receive and send mails using the same user ID and set the password.
  • Kindly Reset your password after your fist login. Also use your full mail ID in the user ID field, FOR EXAMPLE;
  • However, keeping in mind the difficulties faced by the users in keeping backup of their mails, and the migration process without affecting the users accessing their old mails, we have kept both the mails, the existing umail and the New Gmail operative.
  • Kindly contact to UCC in case of any difficulties, .